Molly (spazzngsaxling5) wrote in nysfieldband,

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Pre- Dome festivities

So, Dome is almost here! Good luck to all.

Just wondering, do you guys do any special pre-Dome activities? IE, wear the same outfit to school, or anything interesting? We're having Dinkle Day, everyone's wearing their mb shoes, mb shirt, and jeans. Last year we made shirts, writing random memories all over them and signing them, mine's hanging in my room. This year we're having a Speghetti dinner... I don't think this has happened before. But, a marching band is a big team, so it's limited to Seniors, Juniors, and Saxophones, of course, after all, we are the superior species.

So now that I've bored you all out of your minds with things you don't care about...

Anyone else do anything fun for Dome?
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