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Johnstown Competition, 9-17

I just want to say congratulations to all the bands who performed at the competition. From what I was able to hear of the bands both before and after us (Kingston), it was a good show for everyone. By the way, Mohonasen, we played PotC last year as our field show, and EVERY competition we went to (all MAC, as far as I recall), we were the 4th or 5th band to play Pirates, so we couldn't help but snicker when we heard your show being announced. I personally felt that the show we put on tonight was the best we've done, sinking field aside (was my band the only one to find the tunnels under the field and trip in them?). Last night at our first football game, our directors chewed us out for being WAY too quiet and weak, but tonight after the show they had the biggest smiles on their faces and were incredibly pleased with our sound tonight, so we're all pumped up and ready for our next competition (either Ramsey, Mohonasen, or Naugatuck, can't remember).

Anywho, congrats to all, and good luck on the rest of your seasons!
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